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Selling merch is a great way for artists, bands, and creators to make some cash and show love to their fans. But let’s move beyond stickers and downloads! In this post, we’ll share 25 super cool merch ideas to get your creative juices flowing, engage your fans, and bring in some serious moolah.

Using Push to sell merch online is a great option for products that don’t travel well, are unique, or are even more personal than t-shirts or limited edition vinyl. 

Handmade items can be difficult to reproduce but can be offered significantly higher prices. Offering a good balance of customized and scalable merch allows you to offer unique items for all fans at different levels of dedication.

With a continued focus on decluttering and organizing our lives, fans might also look for more “useful” merchandise or products without a physical footprint. Let’s look at some of the creative merch items you can offer!

Scalable physical merch

Start with staple items that always appeal to your fans and sell well at a decent price. Offer various options and use our product designer to design some custom merch and see which items sell best.

1. Patches
Who doesn’t love adding a touch of personal flair to their jackets? Design custom patches fans can proudly wear on their favorite vest. It’s an old-school trend that’s making a comeback!

2. Enamel pins
Collectors go crazy for enamel pins! These little gems are all the rage among fans, and they’re perfect for showcasing your unique designs and branding.

3. Keychains
Practical, affordable, and customizable! Fans love keychains; you can offer them in various styles to fit different budgets. They’ll grab these up, especially when hitting the road again!

4. T-shirts and hoodies
Branded shirts are classic merch items that never go out of style. But let’s jazz them up a bit, shall we? Think outside the box with eye-catching variations of your logo, fresh album artwork, or even iconic lyrics from fan-favorite songs.

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5. Accessories
Give fans some gear they can rock in any weather. How about bandanas that serve as fashion statements and practical accessories? It’s a unique idea that’ll keep your fans looking cool year-round.

6. Home goods
Continuing with the thought of fans loving everyday items, things like candles, koozies, glassware, and even tea towels will surely get scooped up quickly.

Custom physical merch

These merch items will appeal to long-term fans willing to pay a little more for those unique items. Flex your creative muscle and make (or commission!) designs based on your lyrics, song titles, or album art.

7. Handwritten lyrics
Tap into the rising demand for custom artwork by offering handwritten lyrics. Provide unique and personalized gifts that allow fans to connect with your music on a deeper level.

8. Drumsticks or picks
Offer used or new drumsticks from your music website, allowing fans to own a piece of your live performances. Guitar picks with your band’s logo are also popular among collectors.

9. Artwork
Monetize your crafting skills by selling limited-edition art pieces. Create cheeky embroidery wall hoops, paintings, or drawings that feature your lyrics or artwork.

10. Games
Customize a favorite game for your audience, such as branded sets of cards, Pogs, or themed dice. Tap into the nostalgia of the 90s while providing unique entertainment options for fans.

11. Limited-edition USB drives
Unlock your music’s hidden treasures by offering USB drives filled with early demos, unreleased tracks, and alternate versions. Fans get exclusive content and a useful accessory.

12. Setlists
Like handwritten lyrics, many people treasure setlists from shows they’ve attended. Consider selling them in advance for fans to pick up at the show, or allow them to order a custom setlist from a certain show date in the past. 

13. Memory books
Take fans behind the scenes of special events with coffee table books featuring photos, anecdotes, and thoughts from album recordings, tours, or TV appearances.

14. Mystery grab bags
Time to clear out some merch clutter and surprise your fans! Offer mystery grab bags on your website with leftover gear like tour posters, stickers, and more. It’s a win-win: fans get a surprise treat, and you free up space for new goodies.

Scalable digital merch

Add merch that can be sold many times to different people. These merch items add value to your store while giving fans at all levels a way to support you. This is one of the most profitable ways to make money on your website since you would create the product once and sell it as often as you’d like.

15. Tabs or sheet music
Generate passive income by selling sheet music for your songs. Engage musicians within your audience and inspire them to learn and play your music.

16. Guitar tabs
Cater specifically to guitar enthusiasts by offering guitar tabs for your songs. Help fans recreate the magic of your music on their instruments.

17. Video tutorials/classes
Share your expertise through virtual music lessons, recorded classes, or workshops on writing. These digital offerings provide valuable educational content for fans while generating revenue.

18. Sample packs
Create genre-specific collections of loops and sounds, offering them as individual packs for digital download. Inspire fellow creators and provide them with tools for their musical endeavors.

19. Karaoke tracks
Give fans the opportunity to sing along to your songs by selling karaoke backing tracks. Encourage them to share their renditions on social media, fostering a sense of community.

20. Concert videos
Compile and edit high-quality videos of your live shows, making them available for purchase. Allow fans to relive their favorite performances or experience shows they missed.

Custom digital merch

The beauty of digital merch is that you can offer it to fans anywhere in the world. Create some one-of-a-kind items for your online store.

21. Custom recordings
Offer personalized acoustic versions, instrumental tracks, or special cover requests as custom recordings. This exclusive offering will be a dream come true for dedicated fans.

22. One-on-one lessons
Monetize your teaching skills by offering virtual one-on-one music lessons or live small-group workshops. Provide valuable guidance and earn income while off the road.

23. Video or game 
Create themed videos or mobile games to engage your fans. Consider collaborations with game developers or utilize platforms like Animal Crossing to incorporate your brand and merchandise.

24. Custom sets
Allow fans to curate their concert experience by offering custom sets for upcoming shows. This unique opportunity allows them to hear rare songs or create their dream setlist.

25. Video messages
Take a moment to record personalized video greetings for fans. This thoughtful gesture brings joy and can serve as a platform for special announcements or exclusive updates.

Whether you’re a budding artist or an established band, expanding your merch offerings is an excellent strategy to generate revenue and deepen fan engagement. Consider these 25 merch ideas and experiment with different options to find what resonates best with your audience. Embrace creativity, connect with fans, and maximize your success as an artist or band. Start monetizing your brand today!

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