SHMF is not a brand. Its a LIFESTYLE. SHMF was started in 2013 by Scott Bentley and friends to help pass on the skateboarding history in Tampa, Fl and to grow a skate family where there are 2 rules. Be cool and don’t be a kook. It’s a neighborhood called Seminole Heights in Tampa,Fl that has always had an enriched skate scene and punk rock way of life. SHMF is like a tornado that rips around the world. Sometime it slows down but never stops spinning and grows in strength. We are attached to most of the Tampa Bay DIY scene, Bagel Bowl Burns, various independent events and apart of many crews. Anyone is welcome just follow the rules. We do things our way and are apart of nothing and everything. If you’re ever in Tampa hit me up on IG scottyb813shmf and come skate. Now go get your merch, show some love and be apart of the family.

A portion of all sales go into the SHMF DIY fund to help continue to make the Tampa scene grow.

SHMF- Seminole Heights Mother Fucker

Skate Hard Mother Fucker



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